Zero-Turn Mowers for Sale in Batesville, MS

Known for their efficiency and fast speeds, zero-turn mowers were created to make your life easier. These mowers tackle the most common problems and stressors associated with the chore of mowing. No need to dread long days on the lawn, these mowers can go as fast as 10 mph. Also, John Deere’s signature mower decks will leave you with a high-quality cut that will make your lawn look flawless. If you are in Batesville, MS come by Wade Inc to check out our John Deere zero-turn mowers and find out what they’re capable of.

Standout Features

V-Twin Engine

All John Deere ZTrak mowers are equipped with a powerful V-twin engine that gives superior performance and reliability. With greater torque and lower vibration, this engine is ideal for carrying out heavy-duty lawn jobs such as mowing, mulching, and bagging. This engine was designed for longevity thanks to its cast-iron cylinder liners that help provide a long engine life.

Mower Decks

The residential zero-turn mowers have 3 mower deck options that get the job done efficiently. The Accel Deep Mower deck is available on the Z300 and Z500 Series. This mower has a deep-draw and flat-top design that delivers a high-quality cut as well as exceptional cleanliness, durability, and versatility. The High-Capacity mower decks, available exclusively on the Z500 Series, are stamped from 9-gauge steel, offering additional deck depth for better airflow and giving a superior cut. Lastly, the Z700 Series exclusive High-Capacity PRO decks have commercial-grade reinforcements making them capable of handling large mowing jobs. 


The ZTrak mowers have excellent maneuverability thanks to their dual unitized transmissions. The transmissions power the mower to steer and move back and forth effortlessly with no interruption. It also powers it to mow at speeds ranging from 7-10 mph. The operator uses the premium steering levers to maneuver the mower and they can be adjusted to 18 different positions to the user's liking.

Operators Station

While the powerful mower does its work you can sit back and relax. The operator station was designed with your comfort in mind. There is a large, spacious foot platform that gives the operator plenty of legroom. It comes with a plush adjustable seat along with an adjustable armrest. Select models also come with the John Deere signature ComfortGlide for added suspension and stability over uneven terrain.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information on our zero-turn mowers, don’t hesitate to contact or visit our Batesville, MS location!