Utility Tractors for Sale in Leland, MS

When the stakes are high in the field, you need machinery that you can rely on. Heavy-duty jobs call for heavy-duty equipment that can perform in even the toughest conditions. At Wade Inc, we offer John Deere utility tractors that were made to take on nearly anything from hay baling to hauling. Composed of the 5 Series and 6 Series, this tractor line-up offers a range of possibilities. If you are in Leland, MS, stop by Wade Inc. and explore what our utility tractors can do for you and your operation.

Things you can expect from John Deere Utility Tractors

Lots of Power

From the 5E Series to the 6R Series, these tractors are equipped with loads of power to perform even under pressure. Get through high-demanding jobs with the Final-Tier-4-compliant Power Tech engine included in all models. Horsepower ranges from 45 to 125 hp allowing you to pull heavy implements and get the job done efficiently. You pair that with the multiple transmissions available and you’re moving through the field like a pro. Choose anything from the signature PowrReverser transmission which allows you to effortlessly change directions in tight spaces to Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) which allows you to match your speed to the job and is exclusively available on the 6M models.

High Productivity

High power equals high productivity for these tractors. More horsepower makes these tractors capable of handling a large selection of implements so you can do even more jobs with one tractor. Complete chores around your farm like tackling weeds with a rotary cutter or perform heavy-duty jobs such as plowing or other cultivation tasks. 

Premium Features

What makes John Deere utility tractors stand out from the rest are the premium features that increase productivity and precision. A notable feature on the 5M, 5R, and 6M tractors is AutoTrac. AutoTrac provides hands-free steering, allowing the operator to make straight-line passes in less time while reducing fatigue. AutoClutch is also available on some models allowing the operator to ditch clutching to control the brake. There is also the optional CommandArm. This console makes functionality easier and convenient allowing the operator to have access to controls such as engine throttle, transmission controls, hitch/SCV controls all in one place. 


When you are spending all day in your cab you should be able to be comfortable. All John Deere utility tractors come with ergonomic cabs that give users a pleasant operating experience. Bluetooth, heating and cooling vents, and panorama roof are a few of the features of this dynamic cab. As you upgrade to bigger models, your cab upgrades as well. Larger tractors such as the 6M and 6R models have cabs that come with standard digital post display, Triple-Link Suspension, and much more.

You can accomplish more with our John Deere utility tractors. Get a quote today or contact us at our Leland location for any questions!