Small Tractors for Sale in Pontotoc, MS


Small Tractors for Sale in Pontotoc, MS

Small doesn’t mean ineffective, and it certainly doesn’t mean uncomfortable. John Deere compact tractors work hard to prove that “small” can be powerful too.

1. Simple maneuverability.

Because of their small frames, compact tractors are much easier to maneuver than larger models. Designed to outperform, the John Deere small tractors run circles around the competition- literally. Certain models like the 3E compact tractors provide tough power while still having a turning radius as narrow as 6.3 feet. This makes working in small barns and tight corners easy to manage.

2. Customizable features. 

With plenty of optional add-ons, you can choose to take your high-performing machine a step further. Features like the iMatch Quick-Hitch and Quik-Park Loader System work to cut down on time and effort when swapping out implements, making it easier to switch from job to job. Several of the John Deere compact tractor models are also compatible with heated and air-conditioned cabs. Not only will you be protected from unideal elements, but you’ll also have an easier time pushing through the summer heat.

John Deere 4 Series Compact Tractor

3. Comfortable stations.

Your comfort is a huge part of the John Deere experience, and these small tractors certainly don’t fall short. Strategically-placed controls make it easy to stay in control while comfortable features make it easy to stay focused. Tilt steering and suspension seats allow for smooth rides on bumpy surfaces and make it easy to adjust the arm position to your height.

4. Affordable prices.

When you don’t need horsepower over 65.9 hp, there’s no need to pay the price for larger, heavier components. John Deere’s small tractors are value-priced to offer homeowners, landscapers, producers, and farmers here in Pontotoc, MS a high-quality tractor designed to make chores around the land easier.

John Deere AutoConnect Mower Deck

John Deere Small Tractors: Broken Down


Engine Horsepower     

PTO Horsepower     

Used by...

1 Series

21.5 to 23.9 hp

15.3 to 18 PTO hp

Homeowners, landscapers, gardeners

2 Series

24.2 to 36.7 hp

18 to 30.4 PTO hp

Homeowners, landscapers

3 Series

24.7 to 45.3 hp

20 to 36.6 PTO hp

Farmers, landowners, producers, landscapers     

4 Series

43.1 to 65.9 hp

33.6 to 57 PTO hp

Farmers, ranchers, landowners, municipalities

Our small tractors have a lot to offer. From efficiency-boosting features to lighter operating weights, these tractors are built to make the most of your investment. If you’re not sure which tractor is right for you, or where to even start looking, our team’s got you covered. Give us a call at Wade Incorporated, tell us what your chores look like and a little about your land here in Pontotoc, MS, and we will be happy to help find the perfect fit.