John Deere Utility Tractors for Sale in Clarksdale, MS

John Deere Utility Tractors for Sale in Clarksdale, MS

If you’re looking for a tractor that can truly do it all, look no further. At Wade Inc in Clarksdale, MS we have John Deere Utility tractors for sale that can complete just about any task on your farmland or worksite. Whether on soil or on snow or whether you’re tilling or baling, our John Deere Utility tractors have the pulling power and the durability to finish any job with ease. These  John Deere exclusive features make these tractors stand out from the rest.


Available on all 5M, 5R, and 6M tractors, AutoTrac allows you to produce better quality work by providing hands-free steering. AutoTrac creates straight line passes, covering more land in less time. This benefits you by reducing implement overlap and reducing user fatigue. All you need to do is install AutoTrac Ready along with a StarFire receiver and you’re set. It’s placed on the corner post display and there is no additional display needed. Can’t get more convenient than that!

Signature Transmissions

John Deere (and our team at Wade) understands that different speeds are required for different operations. That’s why we offer a variety of transmissions to best complement the task at hand. The PowrReverser transmission includes 12 forward and 12 reverse gears, ideal for an operator performing in a variety of applications. This can come in handy for loader and rear blade applications that require switching directions in tight spaces. The PowerQuad PLUS and Power8 transmissions allow operators to change gears and ranging with one control, no foot clutching necessary. Also, select 6M models feature the one-of-a-kind Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT). This  easy-to-use transmission is made to match your speed to your job by utilizing mechanical and hydrostatic power. This provides the operator with reduced fuel costs and a more comfortable ride.

Panorama Roof

Visibility plays a vital part in getting the job done efficiently and safely. If you need to be able to see every aspect of your operation at all times, consider one of our utility tractors with a panorama roof. The panorama roof has proven to improve upward facing visibility by 80%, making work like dumping loads simple. This roof is available for the 6M and 5R models. Also, the 5R Series tractors each include a single-piece front windshield, ideal for an easier loader attachment hookup.

Lighting Packages

Speaking of visibility, you don’t have to be limited to only seeing clearly when the sun is out. Choose from the economy or premium lighting packages to have 360 degrees of illumination for those times when you need to work under dark skies. The economy package includes two additional work lights in the front, side, and rear. The premium package features all LED lights with two additional work lights in the front, side, and rear.

5 Series

5E Series

The 5E tractors are the economical options of the 5 Series. They don’t overpower smaller operations on a farm or property yet they are still built tough to handle heavy-duty jobs. The heavy-duty MFWD teams up with the adjustable 2WD front axle to give you optimal maneuverability for a variety of applications even in tough conditions. While the tractor works hard, the operation comes easy with an easy-to-use SyncShuttle transmission and a spacious cab with simple controls. There is also the option of using the PowrReverser transmission which provides 12 forward and 13 reverse gears for more challenging applications. While utilizing the PowrReverser transmission, you can take advantage of the 540 economy PTO option which saves you fuel and engine life as well as reduces noise and vibrations.

5M Series

The 5M Series is all about pushing boundaries. The mid-size tractor packs a load of power for its size and gives you plenty of customization options to best fit your operation. Choose from the PowrReverser or PowerQuad Plus/Power 8 transmission. Enjoy the added horsepower as well as power bulge and torque that help get demanding jobs done. The 5M tractors also allow you to work smarter with Precision Ag tools such as AutoTrac, JD Link, and the TractorPlus App.

5R Series

The 5R Series gives the user the ultimate premium experience while also producing high-quality work. Their high horsepower of 90-125 hp teams up with industry-leading maneuverability to pull heavy implements and work through high-demanding jobs. While working, the user can enjoy a smooth ride in the premium cab with cab suspension. In the cab, you can find user-friendly features such as a factory-installed radio, USB port, and panoramic sunroof. The cab also includes tools to add to your productivity such as the previously mentioned AutoTrac,  AutoClutch system for clutchless operation, and the optional CommandArm.

6 Series

6E Series

The 6 Series models are the biggest and toughest of the utility tractors. Like the 5E, the 6E Series is also the most economical option of the series. Ranging from 105-135 hp and compatible with category 2 implements, these tractors pack serious power and have the ability to tackle many utility chores around the farm. The 6 Series have high ground clearance and tread settings that allow them to work in harvesting operations without damaging the crop. They also have tire combination options that include 2WD, MFWD, and rear axle-radial tires for better ride quality. With Precision Ag technology, PowrReverser transmission, and more, these economy tractors give you plenty of bang for your buck.

6M Series

The 6M Series tractors are designed to meet any need. Boosting 110 hp-195 hp, there is nothing these tractors can’t handle on the field. The 6M Series are equipped with Intelligent Power Management, a system that creates a 20hp boost and uses rear PTO in high power applications. This has been proven to improve productivity as well as increase acceleration. Choose from several transmission options including the easy-to-use and fuel-efficient IVT transmission. You can also ride in comfort and style with the spacious cab with a panoramic roof, corner post display, and cab suspension.

6R Series
These premium heavy-duty tractors are with you for the long haul. Equipped with a John Deere PowerTech engine, up to 250 hp, and a hydraulic system, it’s fair to say that these things are beasts. You can choose between the AutoQuad and IVT transmission for your tractor. The R Series has automatic latch designs to make installing loaders and implements simple and efficient. These tractors ride smoothly due to the Triple Link Suspension that provides amazing traction. The user will also enjoy the luxe operator station with a comfortable and spacious design and integrated technologies such as the JD Link system, CommandPRO joystick, and Generation 4 Extended monitor that can bring you AutoTrac, AutoPath and more.

These are just a few of the many features that our John Deere 5 Series and 6 Series utility tractors have. Come visit our Clarksdale location today, to discover what else your future John Deere can do!