John Deere Riding Mowers for Sale in Greenwood, MS

Riding mowers are a great option for homeowners who want a beautiful lawn without putting in much effort. The operator sits comfy while the high-quality mower decks do all the grunt work. John Deere has a wide selection of riding mowers designed for residential properties of many sizes and forms. You can choose from one of John Deere’s mighty lawn tractors or one of the renowned zero-turn mowers. At Wade Inc in Greenwood, MS, we are here to help you find a mower that best meets your needs and your property's needs. 

Lawn Tractors

Horsepower: 17.5-25.5 hp

Series: 100, 200, X300, X500, and X700

Mower Decks: The Edge cutting system, available on the 100 Series, is designed to lift grass for a clean and even cut. The Accel Mower decks featured on the 200, X300, X500, and X700 have a deep, flat-top design that delivers an excellent cut as well as versatility and durability.

Terrain Capabilities: Lawn tractors were designed to perform well on a variety of grounds but are ideal for hilly and rugged terrain thanks to their 4WD functionality.


An added benefit to owning a lawn tractor is its many attachment options that can increase productivity around your home. Use a cart to transport materials. Attach a material collection system to collect grass clippings. These mowers provide many options to keep your lawn nice and tidy.

Zero-Turn Mowers

Horsepower: 20-25 hp

Series: X300, X500, X700

Mower Decks: John Deere’s zero-turn ZTak mowers have 3 mower deck options. The Z300 and Z500 Series offer the signature Accel Deep decks. Select Z500 models feature the High-Capacity decks which are stamped from 9-gauge steel with additional deck depth for airflow and clipping dispersion, while also giving a premium cut. Finally, the Z700 Series features the High-Capacity PRO decks designed with commercial-grade enforcements to tackle more challenging mowing jobs.

Terrain Capabilities: The ZTrak mowers perform best on flat terrain. They can come in handy for properties with obstacles or tight spaces that are hard to get to thanks to their zero-turn radius.


Part of what separates John Deere zero-turn mowers from traditional mowers is their ability to mow at fast speeds. These mowers have top speeds ranging from 7-10 mph, perfect for finishing up the job quickly on large areas of land.

At Wade Inc., we consider all of our customers to be family. So when you need help looking for the right equipment for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit us in person. We’ll be happy to assist you!