John Deere Planter for Sale in Leland, MS

When you work the land, it’s important to find an equipment dealership that you can trust. With reliable equipment and expert technicians, Wade Incorporated is on your side. If you are looking for planting equipment in Leland, MS, we offer several different types of John Deere planters for sale.

John Deere Planters for Every Operation

Designed for precision, our John Deere planters offer phenomenal seed-spacing accuracy, depth control, and seed-to-soil contact. Not only do John Deere planters make it easier to deliver high-yields, they are also simple to manage and control. With different options available to suit different goals, you can choose from drawn planters, mounted planters, DB planters, and DR planters.

Drawn Planters

Drawn planters are designed to offer more flexibility throughout varying conditions. With reduced-tillage, front-folding, split-row, and economical options available, we offer different drawn planter options to fit your operation’s needs.

Mounted Planters

Mounted planters are compact and typically available at more affordable prices than other planters. With rigid, vertical-fold, and stack-fold frame designs offered, you can choose which works best for your farm.

DB Planters

For our customers with larger operations, the John Deere DB planters are able to cover more land at faster, more accurate paces. With ten configurations available, you can find different row count and spacing options available.

DR Planters

With stack-fold technology and multiple different configurations available, the John Deere DB planters accommodate special conditions that other planters can’t. With rows varying from 12 to 24 rows and different spacing options, DR planters can meet different needs.

To reduce time spent in the field, we offer additional products like the ExactRate Liquid Fertilizer System. By fertilizing as you plant, you’re also able to improve nutrient placement along the curves. This system is compatible with planters like the 1775NT 12Row30 Drawn Planter1795 16Row Split 31 or 32 Planter, and DB66 36Row22. If you have any questions, be sure to ask our team and we’ll tell you more about the systems we offer!

High Quality Planting Equipment That Works For You

Designed to outperform the competition, our John Deere planters offer reliable solutions to boosting your crop’s quality. If you are a farmer in Leland, MS, make sure to take a look at our planters for sale. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions and we will get back to you as soon as we can!