John Deere Implements: Which Ones Are For You?

John Deere Implements: Which Ones Are For You?

The investment in a John Deere tractor can be intimidating. We know that a compact tractor can be expensive but in many scenarios it will save you time and money in the long run. Part of making that investment work for you is equipping it with the right tools - are you gardening, landscaping, farming, scraping? Tackle these tasks and many more with the correct attachments and implements. Here's our guide to picking the right implements for your tractor.

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John Deere 260B Backhoe

Popular and Versatile

Some of the most popular implements are widely loved for their versatility. With an implement like a loader, you can accomplish several tasks like leveling or scraping your driveway, hauling materials, minor digging projects and more. Here's a short list of our most popular implements and the chores you might accomplish with them.


A loader is essential in many tasks that you might accomplish with your tractor. If you're hauling expensive materials, liquids, etc., consider a Mechanical Self-Leveling (MSL) Loader to minimize material losses. View all loader variations to learn more about individual models and tractor compatibility.

Rotary Cutter

If you're only mowing your lawn, consider a simple option like the AutoConnect™ Mid-Mount mower deck, easily attached in under a minute. If you're dealing with more property, rougher grounds, roadsides or fenced-in properties, a rotary cutter is a great option for cutting grass, weeds and brush down to size in one pass. 


A backhoe can be very beneficial in digging, landscaping and even laying pipework. One of John Deere's most popular Backhoe models is the 260B with a lift capacity of 285 lbs.

Box Blade

The BB2048L will allow you to easily level, skim and grade uneven ground like dirt or gravel lots or driveways. With a fixed or floating tailgate and easily replaceable shanks, this box blade will allow you to treat your grounds to your desire.


Some jobs, unlike those listed above, require a very specific tool. If you're working on any of the tasks listed below, we'll help guide you through finding the implement that will help save you some time and labor.

Digging Post Holes

Digging post holes is a difficult task to carry out by hand. Save your time and energy with a Frontier Post Hole Digger. The PHD100 is capable of digging up to 36 in. deep and only requires 15-25 PTO power.

Treating Soil

The Frontier Core Aerator is a great tool for maximizing air, water and nutrient circulation. A Frontier Rotary Tiller will help to put the final touches on your garden or seedbed's soil with skid shoes for easy depth control.

Seed and Fertilizer Distribution

Consider the Frontier Broadcast Spreader or Pendular Spreader to evenly distribute seed or fertilizer of varying sizes quickly and easily.

Tractor Packages

Tractor packages are a great place to start in pairing a useful implement with a versatile tractor. Buying a tractor package will save you money, too: they are cheaper than individually purchasing a tractor and implements separately. While we aren't currently promoting any tractor package specials, keep an eye out for a promotion that may be great for you.


How do I attach my implements?

Many implements are attached differently, though they can be attached without the help of a second person. In fact, many implements can be attached free of hand. Always view the owner's manual to learn how to attach your implement, or contact one of our experts if you're needing help.

Which are the best implements?

Above, we've listed some of the most widely used implements and some of the major implements with specific uses. Still, though, there may be a chore you're working on that John Deere's created a perfect attachment for. Come visit your local WADE Incorporated to learn about more available implements.

How do I purchase new implements?

Browse Deere's website to learn about what implements are available. Once you've found what you're looking for, reach out to see if they're available at our location. If not, we'll be sure to help you get your hands on it.

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