John Deere Harvesting Equipment for Sale in Mississippi

Not many things are more stressful to a farmer than needing to get your crop out of the field and having a machine break down, which is why we carry John Deere harvesting equipment. The equipment we sell is built with premium quality materials and innovative technology. Our harvesting equipment includes cotton harvesters, combines (headers and platforms as well), and sugarcane harvesters.

Cotton Harvesters

Whether you want a machine to pick the mature bolls and leave the immature ones behind or you want a machine that pulls all of the bolls regardless if they are ripe or not, John Deere has a machine for you. John Deere’s cotton picker and cotton stripper are both designed to preserve the quality of your crop while getting the cotton out of the field as quickly as possible. When compared to the competition, these machines boast higher fuel and labor savings.

Cotton Picker


  • 560 hp
  • In-line spindle-type picking units

Cotton Stripper


  • 500 hp
  • Two drum on-board cleaner


John Deere combines are designed to be machines you can depend on to get your crop out of the field when the time comes. John Deere has three combine series, the S Series, the X Series, and the T Series. The S Series can hold 300-400 bushels depending on which of the models you choose. The X Series can hold 420-460 bushels depending on the model. Both the S and X combines are commonly used for tough-threshing small grains and high moisture corn. The T Series combine can hold 300 bushels. This series is most often used for barley, wheat, and canola. We also carry several headers and platforms for these combines.

S Series


  • 300 bushels


  • 300 bushels


  • 400 bushels


  • 400 bushels

X Series

X9 1000

  • 420 bushels

X9 1100

  • 460 bushels

T Series


  • 300 bushels

Sugarcane Harvester

Built with breaking edge technology, John Deere’s sugarcane harvester is nothing short of impressive. The CH570 Sugarcane Harvester incorporates the latest and most innovative technology to ensure you get the best harvest possible. The cleaning system produces the cleanest sugarcane in the industry. With the contour basecutter height control, you can customize your cutting height. Say hello to the machine that was desired specifically to preserve the quality of your sugarcane and improve harvesting speeds while providing you with unmatched comfort.

Take harvesting to the next level and bid farewell to stressful hours of downtime with our John Deere harvesting equipment. Come by Wade Inc in Mississippi to learn more or get a quote. Our team is dedicated to helping you get the equipment you need!