John Deere Excavators for Sale in Columbus, MS

Excavators are the champs of digging jobs but when it comes to John Deere excavators they are the superheroes of digging. At Wade Inc. in Columbus, MS we offer compact excavators for sale that give the operator more opportunity than larger equipment. Its compact size allows you to work in more spaces and it’s power allows you to work efficiently. Available in 6 models, these mini-excavators perform heavy-duty jobs in lightweight frames.


These machines were built to last even through the toughest conditions. They have box-constructed X-frames and track frames that provide a stable platform and resist buildup from dirt and other materials. Parts such as lines, hoses, and even motors are protected by heavy-duty side shields and CORDURA. Each model also exhibits impressive breakout force, bucket force, and arm force to complete nearly any job.


Its small size doesn’t get in the way of comfort. The 4-season cab provides a spacious operator station with wide entryways. It also comes with a high-velocity bi-level climate-control system to keep you comfortable despite outside temperatures. Select models also have a noise-reducing muffler and after-treatment device to drown out the noise for a quiet and peaceful operation.


Optimize your productivity by performing several jobs with our excavator attachment options. Excavators come equipped with a wedge-style coupler that enables fast and easy changes, also making it compatible with a large selection of attachments from augers to buckets to hammers. You can also connect two attachments at the same time on select models with the new standard selector valve. 


These models range from 14.5 hp to 53 hp and with more horsepower comes more productive flow for hydraulic pumps. It also comes with a power/economy mode to optimize power for digging conditions and significantly improve fuel efficiency. Each model comes with powerful engines where high-torque, fuel-efficient diesels meet EPA Final Tier 4/EU Stage IV emission standards. Auto-idle automatically reduces engine speed when hydraulics aren’t in use. Auto-shutdown further preserves every precious drop of fuel.

You can truly get more with our compact excavators. If you want to learn more about the benefits of working with John Deere compact excavators or have any questions contact us or visit us at our Columbus location.