John Deere Excavators for Sale in Boyle, Mississippi

Heavy-duty, compact, and versatile. These are just a few characteristics John Deere compact excavators bring to the worksite. Regardless if you’re demolishing structures, digging trenches, or doing landscape work, you deserve a machine that will meet the demands of your job. Our mini John Deere excavators for sale in Boyle, Mississippi are great for work sites of all sizes. If you are looking for a machine that’s light enough to do landscaping without destroying the grass while being strong enough to tear down structures, look no further.

Key Characteristics


John Deere’s compact excavators take the most coveted features of full-size excavators and pack them into lightweight frames. These excavators are perfect for working in tight confined places such as between buildings and in yards. When jobs call for a small yet powerful digging machine, John Deere compact excavators are the ones for the job. They were designed to fit in where other machines can’t.

Heavy Duty

Don’t let the small size of John Deere’s mini excavators fool you. These machines are built for the day in and day out wear and tear of demolishing structures and digging trenches. Having a lightweight frame doesn’t mean it won’t withstand rigorous work, it just means it isn’t so heavy it’ll destroy the ground it’s on.


Compact excavators can do a lot more than excavate. They’re a machine of many trades. They are great for grading, loading, demolishing, and landscaping. To make them even more enticing, John Deere designed their compact construction equipment attachments to fit on skid steers, compact excavators, and compact loaders. If you have any other John Deere compact construction equipment, it’s likely you can use your attachments on your compact excavator as well.

Multiple models

John Deere currently has 6 mini excavator models with horsepower options ranging from 14.5 hp - 53 hp. As the horsepower increases, so does the max digging depth. The smallest machine, the 17G, has a max digging depth of 7ft. 2in. While the largest machine, the 60G, has a max digging depth of 12ft. 4in. This range of horsepower and digging depth options gives you a variety of capabilities to choose from while still having a compact machine.


When buying equipment, one of the main factors people take into consideration is the price, and rightfully so. You are looking for a machine that meets all your needs and fits into your desired budget. John Deere’s compact excavators do just that. They are feature-loaded, efficient, compact, and easy on the wallet. For model prices, contact our sales team or visit your Wade dealership in Boyle, Mississippi.

Whether you’re looking for a small excavator to add to your work fleet or you are wanting one for your personal property, John Deere’s compact excavators won’t disappoint. Buying one of the machines is the gateway to being more productive and having less downtime. For more information or to get a feel for one before buying, swing by our dealership in Boyle!