John Deere 8 Series Tractors for Sale in Leland County

Large farming projects require a large amount of power. So you’re going to need a machine that can keep up. Here at Wade Inc we have John Deere 8 Series tractors for sale that were created to tackle the most rigorous farming and planting tasks. Running from 230 to 410 HP, these row crop tractors are exactly what you need for any high-demand job.

All models of the 8 Series tractors are powered by the John Deere PowerTech 9.0L engine. This engine not only produces the highest horsepower featured in our row crop tractors yet, it can also go above and beyond with Intelligent Power Management. This can increase horsepower during PTO and transport applications of up to 35 horsepower for full PTO power and speed. There is also a variety of transmission options to choose from so you can adapt to whatever conditions you are working under. No need to worry about this powerhouse tractor going into overdrive because it has a fan cooling system that can increase service intervals and help you avoid costly downtime.

The record-breaking horsepower these tractors have is complemented with the high-intelligence Precision Ag technology featured in each model. Increase your efficiency with the Starfire 600 Integrated Receiver. This tool eliminates all setup, installation, and calibrations. It also provides convenience by automatically verifying machine and receiver measurements. Also with JDLink, transfer vital information and data from your John Deere Operations account to your machine to find solutions while you’re in the field.

In addition to its power and intelligence, the 8 Series tractor ensures the best user experience with its superior cab options. Enjoy a cloth or leather air seat along with cab suspension that gives the user maximum comfort. The Active Seat II equipment, which is an option on all 8R tractors, reduces vertical movement which can cause operator fatigue. The ultimate and premium cab options also include a footrest, a refrigerator, and a right-hand accessory rail. There are also a range of visibility features that allow users to see clearly despite outside conditions.

Last but far from least, what makes the 8 Series stand out from the rest is its vast versatility and capability. Out of the 15 models, customers have the options of choosing between tracks or tires. This includes the 8RX tractors which are the only fixed frame four-track row crop tractors in the industry. Also, all 8 Series tractors come with an 85 cc. hydraulic pump that can charge a wide range of the most heavy-duty implements.

If you think a John Deere 8 Series tractor might be the right fit for your operation, stop by Wade Inc. in Leland, Mississippi. Our experts are here to answer all your questions and get you all set up.