John Deere 7 Series for Sale in Greenwood, MS

Performing large agricultural jobs can be very demanding and at times requires a lot of willpower. So when it comes to farm equipment that can get the job done, you need something that won’t back down when the going gets tough. Let us introduce you to our John Deere 7 Series tractors. These row crop tractors provide torque and power to complete even the most challenging jobs and provide user-friendly features that will allow you to perform these tasks in comfort. If you are in Greenwood, MS, come see the many impressive features of the 7 Series tractors we have for sale.


Large tractors require high power and the 7 Series tractors are no different. Each tractor has different versions of the John Deere PowerTech engine. Each equipped with a single variable or twin series turbocharger, these engines drive exceptional performance and impressive fuel economy. The 7 Series tractor can kick up horsepower as high as 231-319 hp. This brings in heavy pulling power for larger implements. There are also transmission options so you can exert your power the best way you see fit. The e23 PowerShift has 23 forward gears and is evenly spaced 15% apart to fit different operating conditions and implements. The Infinitely Variable Transmission allows you to smoothly go as fast as 31 mph or as slow as 134 feet per hour.

Cab Options

When you are putting extra hours in the field you deserve to be in a cab that gives you extra comfort. We have 3 cab options for the 7 Series tractors to choose from that can make your ride more enjoyable. The Select Cab package includes a cloth seat with manual controls, AM/FM/WX radio, and 4 USB ports. The Premium Cab provides a little more grandeur with a cloth seat with electronic controls, touchscreen radio that is Sirius XM ready, footrest, refrigerator and more. The ultimate cab package gives the ultimate user experience with a leather seat, electronic controls, massage and pneumatic lumbar support, leather-wrapped steering wheel, refrigerator and more. 

Precision Ag

The 7 Series also includes some advanced features of Precision Ag to add convenience to your operation. Take seamless control of your tractor and implements with CommandPro control. Reduce operator’s fatigue and experience hands-free turns with AutoTrac. Stay connected with your whole operation and fleet with JDLink. Also, use the StarFire Receiver 6000 to focus more on your operation, and get better accuracy and precision on the field.

Implement Options

With high horsepower, a rear hitch capacity of 17,300 lbs, and up to 1000-rpm PTO, these machines were made for large implements. From planting, to seeding, to hay work and more, these tractors are capable of nearly any large farming task you can name. These tractors include an integrated front 3-point hitch and PTO for optimal performance in front-implement applications. There is also high hydraulic capacity for easy pull on more demanding implements. 

Get your 7 Series tractor to take your field to the next level. If you have any questions or want any more information contact us or visit our Greenwood, MS location today!