John Deere 6 Series Tractors in Indianola, MS

The John Deere 6 Series tractors are utility tractors you can count on to do serious work in the field or on a work site. Ranging from 105 to 250 hp, these tractors bring the brawn so you can get beauty in your results. The 6 Series was engineered with industry-leading reinforcements, making these powered machines easier to operate and built to dominate nearly any job on any terrain. At Wade Inc. in Indianola, we carry John Deere 6 Series tractors that offer much potential for your operation. Keep reading to see what they can do for you.


Make no mistake, these utility tractors are big. They can reach weights topping 20,000 lbs. But thanks to fine-tuned engineering, these tractors have some of the best maneuverability in their class. The 6M models were designed with a shorter wheelbase and on the 6110M and 6120M this translates to a turning radius of just 14 ft, giving you tighter turns. The 6M also features a front-axle suspension that gives you a smooth and bump-free ride. The 6R takes things to another level with its featured Triple Link Suspension that provides optimal traction and field performance by maintaining ground-to-tire contact. Also, the 6E models offer tire combinations with 2WD, MFWD, and rear axle radial tires to ensure better ride quality on any terrain.


To handle heavy-duty jobs you need heavy-duty power, and the 6 Series tractors have a lot of it. All of the tractors are powered by the John Deere exclusive PowerTech engines. The PowerTech engine delivers constant power over a wide range of rpm. It also comes with a power bulge above rated power and excellent torque characteristics. Many components of the engine work together to sense engine load and respond as needed to power through challenging spots. Select 6M models and 6R models also feature the Intelligent Power Management system, which delivers an extra 20 engine hp boost and hydraulic boost, great for PTO-driven and high-speed applications. 

Precision Ag

The 6 Series has many precision ag features to make your job a lot easier. Let’s start with AutoTrac, available on all 6 Series tractors. AutoTrac is a guidance system that provides automatic hands-free steering, great for applications where straight passes are needed. There are several displays available to get this system including the Gen 4 Universal Display or the digital corner post display. You can also utilize the JD Link system to access critical machine data and stay connected to your fleet and team members. This is a great way to keep track of all the happenings in your operation.

Implement Versatility

These tractors have the power and stamina to keep up in the field so now all you need is the right implements to get the job started. Thankfully, the 6 Series was created to optimize each implement to its greatest potential. Tractors come equipped with a category 2 3-point hitch for pulling heavy implements. There are also front hitch options along with front PTO for greater implement versatility. The series is compatible with a diverse range of loaders and have massive lift capacities. The 6R comes with extra loader technologies to make loader work more efficient such as dynamic weighing, return to position feature, and the optional loader camera. 

This is only the start of what the 6 Series is capable of. For more information or to check out a 6 Series model for yourself contact us or visit us at our Indianola location.