John Deere 5 Family Tractors for Sale in Batesville, Mississippi

Match Your Operation’s Needs and Budget

With 3 different series available in the John Deere 5 Family, you can pick out the capabilities, features, and price tags that best fit your operation here in Batesville, MS. The economical 5E, the hard-working 5M, and the premium 5R each offer their own advantages, as well as some key similarities. Let’s take a deeper dive into the 5 Family Tractors for sale here at Wade Inc. 

Comfortable Efficiency

With comfortable operating stations and intuitive controls available, there isn’t much of a learning curve for first-time buyers. You’ll find best-in-class noise levels, air-suspended seats, and top-notch visibility working to lower fatigue and create a better operating experience. 

Each series offers different transmission options, but two things remain the same across the board: simple operation and efficient results. With seamless direction control, transmissions like the 12F/12R found on the 5E Series offer effortless shifting to make repetitive chores easy while the CommandQuad transmission features AutoClutch and AutoMode settings on the 6M tractors. The AutoQuad Plus and PowerQuad Plus transmissions offer four gears, cruise control, and infinitely adjustable shift points for premium efficiency on select 5R tractors.Tough Power

Offering an impressive amount of torque, the John Deere PowerTech engine can handle a wide variety of jobs. The automatic regeneration system eliminates the need to be parked during normal operating temperatures, meaning you can get more done out in the field. With less noise, reduced vibration, and lower chances of wear over the long run, the John Deere PowerTech engine works harder so you can work smarter. 

Infinite Possibilities

Between hay operations, livestock management, and land upkeep, the 5 Series Utility Tractors have the versatile capabilities to take on a wide range of jobs around the land. Features like the AutoTrac Post Display work to reduce implement overlap and work cycle periods in chores like baling hay while the joystick improves productivity in all front-loader applications. With quick and easy implement swaps, the John Deere 5 Family was designed for farmers, landowners, municipalities, producers, and anybody else looking for quality performance.

What is the difference between the John Deere 5 Family Tractors?

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