John Deere 2 Series Tractors in Boyle, MS

Do you ever feel like you need a helping hand around your home or small property? If so, we have a solution for you in our John Deere 2 Series Tractors. These compact tractors are crafted as the perfect mini landscapers to help maintain your property. Durable and reliable, with 4WD and up to 36.7 hp, these tractors pack enough torque and power to fulfill the many duties that must be performed on your property.

The Basics

The 2 Series includes 3 models that all have features to make operation smooth and easy. The 2025R model is the most affordable option and is worth every penny. Equipped with a powerful 3-cylinder diesel engine, power steering, cruise control, and Twin-Touch pedals, it doesn’t fall short on performance. The 2032R and 2038R were made to accomplish larger tasks. The 2032R has up to 32 hp while the 2038R has up to 38 hp, great for larger implements. These models not only give greater performance but also lower operating costs with their 1200-hour hydraulic oil change interval. There are also features such as CommandCut and the Quick-attach bucket to add convenience and efficiency to your operation.

What can I do with my 2 Series tractor?

Mowing and Lawn Care

Mowing has never been easier with the 2 Series tractors. Attach your mower deck in under 60 seconds with the optional drive-over AutoConnect mid-mount mower deck. Also, determine the height of your cut with the previously mentioned CommandCut feature. The 2 Series tractors are also compatible with a standard rotary cutter and rear mount grooming mower to take care of your mowing and cutting needs.


These tractors wouldn’t be called landscaping superheroes if they couldn't prep a garden bed. Pair your 2025R with a 120R Loader and quality tiller or your 2038R with a 220R loader and tiller for the ultimate tilling performance. The heavy-duty tines of the tiller can break up even the most stubborn soil.


Who said a tractor can’t dig? Bring your landscaping projects to life when you pair your 2 Series tractor with implements such as a backhoe or front loader to break up and move dirt, soil, sand and other earth matter.

Snow Removal

It’s true, these tractors are made for year-round productivity. Stay warm in the optional heated cab and pair your tractor with implements such as a front loader, plow blade, or snow push. The 2038R model also features a rear-mounted snow blower and 220R Front Loader with a snow push.

Nearly anything is possible for your small property with our 2 Series tractors. Built with power, productivity, and reliability in mind these tractors will not let you down. Contact us today if you have any questions or inquiries or visit us in person at our Boyle, MS location.