Compact Tractors for Sale in Columbus, MS

Tractors have been around for a long time to help farmers and other workers take on the rigorous challenges of the land. But compact tractors, or small tractors, allow people of all walks of life to operate tractors so they can get an extra hand in tasks that need to be done on their property. Smaller than standard equipment but still strong, these tractors were engineered to be used by a larger audience. So that means, whether you're a homeowner in need of a decent mowing job or a landscaper in need of equipment to grade and level, there is a compact tractor that can give you what you’re looking for. If you’re in Columbus, MS looking for the right compact tractor for you, come by Wade Inc and we can take care of you.

What do you need?

To determine which John Deere compact tractor is best for you, you need to ask yourself what you need the tractor for. If you are a homeowner looking for equipment to carry out lawn maintenance or other DIY tasks for your property, we suggest one of our 1 Series tractors. The 1 Series features sub-compact tractors that are lightweight yet durable and reliable, and feature easy implement swap options so you can complete many tasks like mowing, tilling, and digging without much effort on your end. 

If you need a compact tractor for landscaping work, whether residential or commercial, we suggest looking into our 2 Series or 3E Series tractors. These tractors have a bit more horsepower and loader capabilities to take on bigger loads and complete more jobs. The 2 Series tractors also feature the CommandCut system that allows you to adjust the height of cut for a custom mowing job. If you need a small tractor for more than land maintenance, we suggest the 3 Series or 4 Series tractors. There is an increase in PTO and horsepower as well as more transmission options to perform efficiently on a broader range or terrain. The 4 Series also has heavy-duty options for those working in more challenging conditions.

What is your experience level?

Like we said earlier, there are options for everybody. So if you are new to the tractor world or a pro you can find a tractor that moves the way you want it to. For newbies, we suggest starting off with the 1 Series or 2 Series. These tractors aren’t too big to overwhelm beginners and they have easy-to-use controls for easy operation such as the TwinTouch controls and convenient implement swap systems. For more experienced individuals you can go ahead and jump to the 3 Series. The 3 Series has everything you need to successfully complete a job and there are more options for you to pick the right tractor for your operation. For instance, more experienced tractor operators might prefer a gear-drive transmission. Those looking for a gear-drive will love our 3D tractors, made for wagon-hauling tasks. Farm professionals with bigger operations will most likely prefer the 4 Series. As mentioned previously, the 4 Series has heavy-duty options as well as up to 65 hp. There are also multiple transmission options and work lights for late-night or early-morning jobs. 

What is your budget? 

It may not be a surprise but when it comes to the John Deere compact tractors, the more power and features available, the higher the price. With that being said, our 1 Series tractors are known as the more affordable options. One thing to keep in mind is all the E tractors in a series are the most economical options of the series. The economy tractors only include standard features that will help you get the job done without any extra perks. That way there is a more affordable option for those who can do without premium features.

Have you decided on the compact tractor that is right for you? If so, get a closer look by looking at our inventory here. If you need further assistance, contact us and one of our professionals will be there to help you. Don’t hesitate to visit us in person at our Columbus, MS location. We'll be happy to see you!