Compact Construction Equipment for Sale in Hernando, MS

Some people might think bigger is always better. However, when it comes to finding the right machines for your construction worksite, big things can come in small packages. Compact Construction Equipment is ideal for completing a wide variety of jobs because they are maneuverable, reliable, durable and productive. Wade Inc of Hernando, MS has a wide range of compact construction equipment for sale. Skid steers, compact wheel loaders, compact excavators, compact track loaders (CTLs), you name it. All of these machines are great options for construction workers, landscapers or homeowners working on small-scale projects.

Words to describe our CCE:


Don’t let its size fool you, even our mid-size skid steers and CTLs (otherwise known as skid steers with tracks!) can haul some serious weight. Both our CTLs and skid steers range from 61-96.6 hp with the operating capacity of up to 3,700 lbs. They also deliver optimal breakout forces great for tasks like handling pallet loads and moving rocks and mulch. Yet these machines are small enough to move from site to site with ease. Each machine also features John Deere’s Final Tier 4 engines that deliver enough power and torque to get through the most rigorous days while still running smoothly. Both can be powerhouses, but skid steers are most ideal for residential projects while track loaders shine on rough or hilly terrain.

Ready to load

Even though our compact wheel loaders carry smaller loads compared to its counterparts, it still delivers high productivity. Our compact loaders have been upgraded to a new loader and coupler design, creating a smoother lifting path. They also have up to 3-ft. 1-in. reach and 8-ft. 7-in. dump clearance, making them great for loading trucks or placing pallets on trailers.

Both CTLs and skid steers also come with impressive boom features. You have the choice between radial or vertical boom lifts. To reach greater heights, explore our large-frame options. When you get the electrohydraulic boom package on the large frame models it includes bucket self-leveling in both up and down directions, programmable return to dig and return to carry, and boom height kick out settings that will make repetitive load and carry tasks a breeze.

Spin Doctors

You need your compact excavator to move around without getting whiplash. Wade Inc’s John Deere excavators have got you covered. Our compact excavators have a zero- and reduced tail swing design that allows you to fully rotate without any accidents. This is especially excellent for working in tight spaces. There are also a selection of track options for our customers including rubber tracks that withstand nearly any terrain, steel tracks, and steel tracks with rubber pads.

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