Parts Counter Sales Person

Job Title:

Parts Counter Sales Person



Reports To:

Parts Manager



Performs a variety of customer service, in-store, marketing, promoting, advertising, and stocking duties related to the receiving, sale, and delivery of parts and accessories that contribute to the efficient, safe, and profitable operation of the dealership. Ongoing responsibility for implementing a marketing promotion plan, promotional calendar, developing parts and service promotions, and developing advertising support campaigns


  1. Sells products and/or services to repair the problem and meet customer needs.
  2. Maintain customer goodwill by greeting and acknowledge all customers he/she comes in contact with.
  3. Assist in keeping parts department clean and orderly.
  4. Record all sales and/or counter transactions that occur.
  5. Supply service technicians with parts as required.
  6. Assist in merchandising displays with Parts Manager.
  7. Maintains the retail sales floor and displays to meet or exceed dealership standards and today’s customer expectations.
  8. Controls showroom inventory to ensure maximum sales and customer satisfaction
  9. Performs routine housekeeping tasks to maintain and enhance the cleanliness of products and the retail sales area.
  10. When working the parts counter, follows prescribed cash, credit, and check processing procedures of the dealership. Processes cores, warranties, and new return merchandise as required at a point of sale.
  11. Attends training and schools as prescribed by management to maintain proficiency in his/her job responsibilities
  12. Uses dealership equipment and resources safely and proficiently, such as PMM,  JDVision ® system, hydraulic hose-making machine, in-store repair, battery Safe-T-Fill machine, testing equipment, and vehicles
  13. Performs other tasks as directed by his/her supervisor
  14. Keeps himself/herself groomed and clothed per the dealership guidelines.
  15. Verify receiving shipments
  16. Assist in putting up MD and Stock orders in a timely manner.
  17. Follow up on shortages and expedite through reporting to Parts Manager.
  18. Should be knowledgeable of parts merchandising and associated selling.

Many of the responsibilities of a Parts Sales Person overlap the Parts Manager and the Parts Sales Person needs to work in harmony with their supervisor and be able to accept direction.