Buyer’s Guide to John Deere Tractors in Webb, MS

The Deere name has held a lot of weight in the agriculture industry for many years, and for good reason. When you purchase a John Deere tractor, you also purchase reliability, versatility, and resiliency. There are hundreds of tractor models available for many types of work from livestock, hay operations, orchards, or even your home. Beginning your John Deere journey might be overwhelming with so many options. That is why Wade Inc. of Webb, MS has compiled the ultimate buyer’s guide to John Deere tractors to help you find the one for you. Keep reading to learn more about the many possibilities with Deere.

Compact Tractors

21.5-65.9 hp

The John Deere compact tractors are small tractors great for just about anybody who likes to take matters into their own hands and get the job done themselves. Composed of 1-4 Series tractors, there are options available for anybody regardless of experience level or background. 

The 1 Series sub-compact tractors serve as great starter tractors for homeowners and small property owners who need equipment to maintain their land or start a new project. Built with 4WD, power steering, and easy implement swap options, these tractors give the perfect amount of reliability and functionality to be accessible by anybody.

The 2 Series compact tractors were designed to be the ultimate landscaping tractors. With their larger heavy frames for stability and many implement options, the 2 Series has the power and reinforcements to upgrade your property without putting you through too much grunt work.

The 3 Series compact tractors are great options for landscapers and small farmers who need equipment to keep their operations intact. The 3E, 3D, and 3R models offer many functions and features that can help your operation. With gear-drive capabilities, hydrostatic transmission, premium features and more, you can take your pick.

The 4 Series are the biggest and boldest of the John Deere compact tractors, built to take on heavy-duty jobs. Whether you’re a farmer, landscaper, or handle livestock, the 4 Series tractors are great investments for those who want a beast of a tractor with all the benefits of a small tractor.

Utility Tractors

50-250 hp

The classic John Deere utility tractors offer versatility to adapt to many agricultural jobs and the power to pull heavier implements. The 5 and 6 Series tractors offer great strength and stamina as well as PrecisionAg technology that gets the jobs done efficiently and easily. Both the 5 and 6 Series consist of E, M, and R models—E models are economy-driven, M models are power-driven, and R models include a variety of premium features. There are many transmission options available from AutoQuad, PowrReverser, IVT and more so you can choose the right speed for your job. Choose from 2WD and MFWD to best fit your terrain. Enjoy automated features such as hands-free steering from PrecisionAg technologies such as AutoTrac. While operating your tractor enjoy the premium cab options with features such as Bluetooth, panoramic roof, and more to optimize your user experience.

Row Crop Tractors

110-410 hp

Row crop tractors are large tractors built for large heavy-duty agricultural jobs. The John Deere row crop tractor lineup includes the 6M, 6R, 7, and 8 series tractors. As the name suggests, due to their adequate row spacing, they are ideal for applications where crops are planted in rows. These powerhouses are built to last through the toughest conditions without any hassle. They are also highly durable and reliable. Triple Link Suspension gives the tractors optimal traction and performance by maintaining ground-to-tire contact. Just like the utility tractors, there are many transmissions and horsepower options available along with fully integrated PrecisionAg technology. Select models also have the Ultimate Comfort and Convenience package to give operators a smooth and pleasurable ride.

Specialty Tractors

75-155 hp

The John Deere specialty tractors consist of low-profile tractors, high-crop tractors, and narrow series tractors. The low-profile tractors were designed for jobs that require a low clearance such as orchard work or poultry feeding. They are equipped with manual 4WD and have a heavier gross weight to keep implements on the ground. The high-crop tractors have a high clearance so they are ideal for working over crops while minimizing crop disturbance. There is also an optional rear drop axle that provides additional crop clearance. The narrow tractors are built to maneuver through tight spaces easily without sacrificing power and torque, perfect for vineyard operations. With outstanding hydraulic options and versatile hitch, these tractors do not fall short when it comes to productivity.

You can accomplish nearly anything in the field with the right John Deere tractor. If you need more assistance in finding the right tractor for your operation contact us or visit us in Webb, MS today!