Best Attachments for Compact Construction Equipment in the Mississippi Delta

Known for its easy operation and powerful results, John Deere’s line of compact construction equipment works hard so its operators don’t have to. But each equipment model is only as productive as the attachment hooked on. Whether you already own a fleet of compact construction equipment or you are researching whether or not to take the plunge as a first-time buyer, our team here at Wade Inc. in the Mississippi Delta is here to help. Let’s take a look at the best attachments to boost productivity and improve performance in your operation.

Most Essential Attachments for Compact Construction Equipment


If you own compact construction equipment, chances are you already have or have thought about a bucket. Buckets come in handy for pretty much every job, from fields and farms to sites and warehouses. With multiple different types of buckets available, you can choose from multi-purpose, rock, side discharge, or utility applications. View the whole list of bucket types and uses here. Dig, transport, load, and backfill material with a heavy-duty attachment that you can trust. 

Dig, transport, load, and backfill material with a heavy-duty attachment that you can trust. Buckets are a great addition to skid steers and compact track loaders.


Just like buckets, grapples turn transporting materials into a quick and easy job. The difference? Grapples have tough teeth that provide a firmer grasp on oddly shaped items like piles of brush, groups of logs, bales of hay, and bundles of scrap. With a variety of widths and operating weights available, you can choose between scrap, rock, or utility applications. With long-term strength and tough durability, John Deere grapples are designed to handle large payloads. You can utilize this attachment with a skid steercompact track loader, or compact wheel loader.

Dozer Blades

With the ability to deliver a wide range of jobs, dozer blades help grow productivity on construction sites and landscapes alike. Strip clay, level sand, and push soil around for smooth and even results. For more precise performance, the John Deere Angle-Tatch offers up to 14-degree tilt for non-hydraulic attachments like dozer blades and buckets.  Dozer blades are compatible with skid steerscompact track loaders, and compact wheel loaders.


With boom sizes ranging from 36 to 60-inches, John Deere trenchers were designed to be adaptable to many applications.. Whether you’re placing water mains and telephone lines or you’re prepping your garden for the next round of crops, our trenchers guarantee reliable performance. You’ll benefit from the built-in skid shoe and indicators that help maintain digging control, as well as the manual side shift that allows for trenching close to existing structures. Trenchers are optimized to work well with skid steers and compact track loaders

Rotary Cutters

Whether you’re maintaining land or prepping a site for construction, rotary cutters are a beneficial attachment to own. A wide range of cutting widths allows you to match your acreage size for quick coverage while a direct drivetrain helps improve performance and boost durability. Easy to use and easy to own, John Deere rotary cutters offer triple bi-directional blade designs for stable and safe operation. Rotary cutters work best when paired with a skid steer or compact track loader.

Rely On Wade Inc. For All Of Your Equipment Needs

For over 100 years, Wade Incorporated has worked with homeowners, farmers, and workers all throughout the Mississippi Delta. If you looking for the best attachments for your compact construction equipment but you’re not sure where to start, give us a call. Our sales team will help you find exactly what you need and our parts and service departments will help to keep you running.