Ag Tech Program

Ag Tech Program Wade Incorporated

WADE Incorporated Helps Regional Students "Power Up" Their Career And Take Education To The Next Level!

Are you a soon-to-be or recent high school graduate looking to take your first step toward building a career you can both enjoy and be challenged at? Or maybe you have tried working at dead-end jobs for companies that hold no value of you and your potential, and you're tired of being just another "warm body" on the payroll. Well, here's some good news! WADE INCORPORATED is looking for ambitious, hard-working, smart young people to invest in and sponsor sending to college through John Deere's specialized AG-Tech program!

About the Program

This program is designed to help the right students obtain a 2-year Associates degree while specializing in becoming a John Deere Advanced Technician by the time you graduate! And that's not all! Being a sponsored student, you will also have:

  • The security of having a good-paying, full-time job straight out of college for a very successful, secure, and growing company.
  • A valuable, established relationship & familiarization straight out of college with your employer.
  • Advanced Certifications in hydraulics, electronics, AMS, mechanical, and diagnostic repair on John Deere equipment.
  • A career direction and plan, involving constant advancement, challenge, and skill development.
  • Paid internship with WADE INCORPORATED and an opportunity to work at the dealership for pay during weekends and school breaks.
  • Affordable, high quality tools made available directly through John Deere - so you can build up your own tool inventory while still in college!
  • Much, more!!!
  • This program is truly a win-win opportunity for hungry, self-motivated, mechanically-inclined young people to take control of their ambition and set their talents and abilities to purpose. A purpose that will enable them to have a fulfilling, stable career which will constantly develop them into an ever-increasingly valuable and knowledgeable asset to this company.

    WADE INCORPORATED currently is sponsoring many students at Northwest Community College, with several more prospects looking to enroll this upcoming semester, and room for more. For more info on this program, view our website at . You can also call your local WADE INCORPORATED location and speak with the Service Manager or the Human Resource Director. We take referrals, so if there's someone you know who may be interested, please let us know. WADE INCORPORATED, in conjunction with Northwest Community College, also provides material and does presentations for area schools, career days, Ag Days, etc… Give us a call to find out more info or to schedule one of these events.

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